Free Estate Planning Educational Workshops

Upcoming Massachusetts Estate Planning Workshops from the Estate Planning Law Offices of Patrick J. Kelleher & Associates, P. C.

Estate Planning & Elder Law Workshop

For information on upcoming events, contact Ashley at 781-871-PLAN (7526)

See what our other workshop attendees have said about past workshops!

“At the end someone in the audience asked approximately how much it would cost to set up an estate plan and I was happy that Patrick gave us a range, depending on if you’re just looking to do disability planning or also set up & fund a trust. Patrick said he would have offered this information if no one asked which I think is good. I felt better knowing an approximate amount and not just going into an initial appointment blindly. I may have been reluctant to set up an initial meeting if I didn’t have some idea on cost. Great seminar. Thank you!!”

“I enjoyed this meeting and received good information. I will be calling in the near future.”

“Patrick came off as honest yet professional. Qualities often not seen in many attorneys. He also explained things in a concise clear manner. Nice job!!”

“Being here today was the best thing I have done. I have met with other attorneys, and I learned more in the past hour than I did meeting for hours with the other attorneys. So thank you!”

Client Care Program™ Calendar of Events


Our Team typically offers client workshops and new Client Orientation Meetings (COMs) the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month. They are presented in workshop format and are educational in nature. The tone is light and relaxed. We discuss many of the strategic and innovative concepts we use in our plans that will protect you, your assets and loves ones! We like our workshops to be interactive and we encourage and welcome questions. Seating is limited! To register for an upcoming workshop please call Ashley at 781-871-PLAN (7526). The following are just some of the topics covered at our workshops.

Topics and Questions Covered Include:

  • Why a simple will is not enough to protect you and your family
  • How to transfer your financial wealth and “life wisdom” to future generations
  • What to consider before meeting and selecting an estate planning attorney
  • Why most living trusts do not work and how to assure your trust meets your goals
  • How to leave assets to your loved ones protected against divorces and creditors
  • How legal fees are determined and strategies to reduce your overall costs by 50%
  • How to plan for “special needs” children
  • Probate—what it is, why does everyone want to avoid it?
  • What is the real cost of Probate?
  • Why are many Powers of Attorney not accepted by financial institutions?
  • What is Trust Funding and why is it essential to the success of my living trust?
  • The Estate Planning Process—who do you meet with and how to prepare?
  • Changes in Estate Taxes—are they really gone forever?
  • Counseling versus Word Processing—what are you really paying for?
  • How to make life easier on your loved ones during troubling times
  • Do your children know what to do at the right time?
  • Why many Living Trusts do not avoid probate?
  • How to store legal documents so they are accessible when they are needed
  • How often should I update my estate plan?
  • What is the real cost of an outdated estate plan?

There is no cost to attend one of our educational workshops. If you like what you hear and feel good about what you learn at one of our workshops you can make a decision to explore your planning options with our Team. Attending one of our educational workshops is one of the first steps in becoming a new client. From our experience our Team cannot successfully custom create your life and estate plan until you first become aware of and learn some of the innovative planning concepts that we use in our plans. Only then, after you have this knowledge, can you share with our team what is important to you and your loved ones, what your goals are, what your concerns or fears may be. We will then work with you to co-create a custom designed life and estate plan to meet all of your goals and expectations.

Our workshops are both educational and fun!  We speak in plain English. We intentionally avoid legalese and complex legal mumbo jumbo. We tell you the way it is! The Truth About Estate Planning. We use storiesto show you the various planning options available that will protect and benefit your assets and loved ones. Our stories are both entertaining and fun to hear. From our experience the stories are a wonderful tool to help you decide which planning concepts are right for you and your family. You do not need to know or remember the complex legal technical concepts. That is our job! You will hear the fun stories that will make these concepts seem simple, understandable and logical.

As a preview some of the stories you may hear are: The Baby Sitter Story™wouldn’t we all agree that we all leave more instructions behind for the babysitter when going out for a few hours to a dinner and a show…than we do if we were to ever go away forever…? We will show you how to leave instructions behind to your loved ones in your living trust.

A Letter from Dad™….wouldn’t we all agree that it would be nice to have a personalized letter from Dad or Mom…left behind for the children or grandchildren so if the kids ever reach a cross road in life they can read and reflect on what their parents or grandparents values were…and what their advice or instructions would be to make a right decision. The more instructions in your trust the better.

The School Bus Story™…will show you how to protect your assets and loved ones from catastrophic creditors. How much will it costs to pay off all the Creditors if you hit a school bus?…$1,200…$12,000…$120,000…just keep adding zeros.

Beau the Tennis Pro and Betty the Bar Maid™…will show you how to protect your assets and keep them in the family bloodline should you pass away first and your beloved spouse remarries…either Beau or Betty.Beau and Betty are fictional characters that represent goal digging predators looking to get your family assets after you die! Wouldn’t we all agree that you would like to protect the family assets and pass them down to your children…keeping them in the family bloodline??

Meet the in-laws…or maybe the outlaws™…will show you how to keep your assets in the family bloodline and protected from future divorces and potential predators. Do we all know who are kids may marry some day?

The IRS Supermarket™…will show you how do estate tax planning to defer and save possibly thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in estate or death tax upon passing. This same type of planning is done for people like Bill and Melinda Gates…if you had a taxable estate wouldn’t you want to save up to 40-50% of it from not being paid out to the government at your death?

Finally, one of my favorites…Your Dream Snapshot Test™…picture yourself many years from now looking down from your cloud at your loved ones…are they doing the things they should be doing…are they all getting along…do they seem happy…or are they running around not doing what they should be doing and fighting…and seem unhappy?

The first situation is a plan that worked and the second is a plan that didn’t work! Everyone’s Dream Snapshot is different…what is your dream snapshot for your family?

We help you create your Dream Snapshot so that it is crystal clear and then we work together to co-create a life and estate plan that works!