“I just attended one of Patrick’s sessions on Estate Planning and I am very glad I signed up for it. He is a great speaker, both informative and endearing. The printed matter he gives out to take home is a blessing especially for Seniors who feel overwhelmed when dealing with most Estate Planning Attorneys.”

“A fantastic workshop! It opened our eyes to so much we never knew! So grateful for Patrick Kelleher!”

“Dear Patrick, I want to first of all, thank you for sharing your “heart warming “ story about your dad ….. I truly believe this was your dad giving you the inspiration to helping others by being dedicated to Elder Law Care. Second ….. My husband and I want to thank you for meeting with us yesterday. You made us feel so comfortable because of your expertise and knowledge …. We look forward to our meeting.””

“The presentation was excellent and in layman’s terms which kept it light and interesting. Looking forward to next meeting.”

“This workshop is Sooo worth it! Thank you Patrick! I learned so much.”

“My husband and I used Patrick Kelleher’s services. Best decision ever.”

“I attended Patrick’s free seminar a couple weeks ago and after two private meetings we have come up with a plan that covers and protects my assets and my final wish’s with regard to how I want to be treated should something bad happen and to protect my children through the Probate Process. Great job by the Kelleher Team very thorough. For my Boston area friends if you haven’t done this yet you really need to.”

“Outstanding workshop! Highly, highly recommended!”

“Patrick knows this terrain and all its pitfalls and challenges. If you want some clear and accurate information and direction on aging, elder law and estate planning Patrick and his practice are the go-to people.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to the most professional, honest attorney I know. Who’s giving me peace of mind as well as my children knowing that when I drop dead, my children will not be dealing with attorneys, courts or probate!”

“These people are Absolutely wonderful, even on the phone you feel their Kindness and Caring in what they do.”

“I liked the sincerity from Patrick and the knowledge he has, along with how he speaks in a tone that shows he cares about all the attendees in the room and is not just trying to sell something.

“So glad we met you Patrick. We can sleep at night feeling like our home and assets are protected so all our children and grandchildren will get what we want them to have after we are no longer here. Thank You.”
Mary H. 

“I attended the event, and am now a client. A good investment for myself!”
Eileen C.

“I was very pleased with the workshop. We should have done this years ago.”

“Patrick was very well spoken and knowledgeable about elder affairs.”

“Patrick was very knowledgeable about the law and made me feel I could trust him.”

“As an attorney, probably the best recommendation that I can give another attorney is that when I have an issue regarding estate planning Patrick is the one I call. He is extremely knowledgeable, takes the time to listen, and has always been understanding with the clients that I have referred to him. It is without reservation that I recommend Patrick.”
Paul Epstein

“The subject although of a very serious nature was presented in an informal, easy to understand and friendly manner.”

“Patrick was our go to person when my husband and finally stopped procrastinating and put together our Estate Plan. Patrick was patient and knowledgeable and we really appreciated working with him to put this document together. He made a daunting task fairly simple by breaking it down into pieces and explaining each step. I would highly recommend working with Patrick to accomplish this task.”

“Pat invariably brings to the table a thorough knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in the preparation of an effective estate plan. Whether the client’s concern is minimizing estate taxes, providing for minor children, or working through the estate planning issues inherent in blended families, Pat often devises creative solutions that others have overlooked. I would trust his judgment on any legal matter as well as with any confidence.”
Tom Montminy

“I engaged with Patrick in 2010 to help me with the difficult process of dealing with the sudden death of my father. Patrick’s compassion and insight was invaluable as I was forced to deal with the challenges of my father’s estate. Since my father did not have a will or an estate plan, I realized first hand the challenges faced by family members left behind. As a result, I began to work with Patrick to create an estate plan for myself in order to protect the interests of my family. Patrick took the time to explain to me the importance of estate planning and met with my wife and I on multiple occasions to understand our personal goals. In my opinion, one of Patrick’s greatest strengths is to break down estate planning into an easy to understand process. He has the unique ability to take an uncomfortable and intimidating topic and break it down to its most simplistic form. If you do not have a will or an estate plan then Patrick is the one to call! I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking for estate planning services.”

“Patrick is a compassionate and thoughtful attorney. He spends the time to understand his client’s needs and works with them to develop the appropriate strategies. I would highly recommend Patrick.”
Susan Daileader

“In all of my years working with attorneys I have yet to encounter one quite like Patrick Kelleher. Not only is his knowledge base in estate planning miles deep, he has a way of explaining it that anybody can understand. This is so important to those of us who are just looking to take care of our families and our legacy. Pat is the “real deal” as an attorney but also as a husband and father. There is hardly a conversation we have where he doesn’t talk about his amazing family. This fact gives me comfort in knowing that Pat has more than legal expertise … he has LIFE expertise and knows what is truly important in the lives of his clients. I HIGHLY recommend Patrick Kelleher as your trusted adviser and attorney.”
James Campbell

“Last year I had Attorney Kelleher draw up an estate plan for me. I am so grateful to him and his staff for allowing me to feel secure about my future, in these unstable times, I cannot imagine not having a comprehensive estate plan. I sleep well at night knowing that my family will be protected financially no matter what the future may bring. I understand why someone would delay this process, but I would strongly recommend anyone to consult with Attorney Kelleher to see if an estate plan would benefit them. I am happy I did!”

“We were very pleased with the way the law offices of Patrick J. Kelleher & Associates, P.C. handled our Estate Planning. They were very professional and courteous. They answered all of our questions and we would recommend their services to anyone. We found their open house very informative. We worked with Attorney Kelleher and his team.”
Ed & Donna

“I would highly recommend attorney Kelleher for anyone interested in estate planning. Prior to meeting attorney Kelleher, we interviewed many attorneys however everywhere we went, my wife and I felt like a number; that’s until we ended up here. Patrick and his team are genuine and actually care and not only take pride in their work but also in the fact that they’re assisting families in protecting their family and assets.Many attorneys seemed to have “cookie-cutter” type formulas for estate planning and will simply plug in your name and account numbers into their pre-existing guides. Patrick actually takes the time visually to first explain what estate planning is and maps out your personal plan based on your specific wants and needs. After all, every family is different and he recognizes this and helps you design the best plan for you and your family. My wife and I never felt rushed along and Patrick always made us comfortable making sure we understood every detail of our plan even if it meant we took longer than anticipated. I have to say that the Patrick and his team were truly a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is seriously interested in estate planning.”
Adam & Amy

“My wife and I have just completed our final funding session with Attorney Kelleher. This is the third time we have completed or updated our trust, using three different attorneys. We felt the previous two attorneys considered our trust only as a business transaction. Pat on the other hand made us feel like part of his “trust client family”.Pat cares about us; he truly wants to do what is best for us and our family. He spends a great deal of time with his clients and places a priority on finding out what the clients desires are for their family’s future. We feel that the Annual Maintenance Program that Pat makes available to all his clients is an outstanding concept. In the past, after the trust was developed, it went into a safe place never to see the light of day again. Meeting with Pat annually to review both legal and personal changes and making any necessary updates gives me peace of mind for the future. We are not only happy to call Pat our Trust Attorney but to also consider him our friend.”
Joan and Leo

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