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Jonathan Atwater, Esq.

Hanover, Rockland, and Marshfield Massachusetts Attorney at Law

We would like to welcome our newest attorney to the Elder Law Team, Jonathan Atwater!

Jonathan is a very caring and compassionate attorney who is an excellent listener and he truly puts the clients’ needs and feelings first. He focuses on getting the clients results that will greatly benefit and protect them and their loved ones for generations!

Jonathan was born and raised in Weymouth, MA. Jonathan was a 1000 point scorer in basketball in high school at South Shore Christian Academy and went on to captain his college basketball team at Eastern Nazarene College where he majored in History and Finance. He then went on to receive his J.D. from Boston College Law School. Jonathan currently lives in Weymouth with his wife, Johanna, their one-year-old son, Johnny, Jr., and his wife is expecting #2 any day now!