How to Become a Client

Hanover, Massachusetts Estate Planning Law Firm

We hope you took a moment to read our firm’s Mission Statement and Message from the Team. As you can see we are a non-traditional law firm with a caring Team of advisors that provide the highest level of professional services to our client family. We genuinely care for your family’s future as if they were are own! To deliver the highest level of professional services over a lifetime to you and your loved ones our Team must be selective in choosing who we work with. Since we expend a great deal of our energy and time working hard for our existing client family’s we must be mindful to choose only quality client relationships vs. quantity. Our quality clients are anyone who has a deep level of commitment and care to create a life and estate plan that will protect their assets and loves ones!

From our experience our very best clients are the ones who truly understand the benefits and protections that our life and estate planning process provides them and their loves ones! We feel that it is our job to educate you and your family about your many planning options and the various protections and legal strategies that our plans provide. An effective life and estate plan cannot be created until you first hear and become aware of the many amazing planning concepts and strategies we use to help our clients build their plan. No worries, we have developed an organized and effective system and process to get you started!

Client Orientation Meeting

The first step in getting started to become a new client is for you to attend one of our free Client Orientation Meetings. The Client Orientation Meeting (COM) is an introduction to our law firm and our Team. You will learn about our philosophy and How we are different. You will learn how we are very passionate in helping our clients create life and estate plans that work. You will also learn about the many very important planning options and concepts that are available to you and your loves ones. Within the first 30 minutes of your COM you will know more about estate planning than most people will ever know. With your newly learned knowledge you now will begin your journey of self and family reflection on what is important to you in life: my spouse, my partner, my children, or my grandchildren. Oh, don’t forget your assets that you work so hard for: your family home, vacation home, cash savings, investment accounts and retirement. When you think that you have covered all of your planning needs you will learn about your Legacy. Everybody has a legacy that is important and unique. Who are the people you came from? What family values and principles did your parents teach you? These assets you have are what we call your non-financial wealth. Your intellectual, spiritual and human wealth. If something happened to you unexpectedly what knowledge, lessons and stories would you want to pass on to your kids and loved ones?  After your self reflection on what is important to you in life our team will show you how best to protect and preserve them. We’ll show you how to give what you have, to whom you want, when you want and the way you want!

The new Client Orientation Meetings (COMs) are typically offered the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month. They are presented in workshop format and are educational in nature. The tone is light and relaxed. We discuss many of the strategic and innovative concepts we use in our plans that will protect you, your assets and loves ones! We like our workshops to be interactive and we encourage and welcome questions. Seating is limited! To register for an upcoming COM workshop please call Ashley at 781-871-PLAN (7526).

We encourage new clients to attend the group COM or workshop as there is no charge to do so. We provide light refreshments and hot and cold beverages. We do provide private COMs and workshops if you cannot attend a regular COM workshop. There is a $500 fee to attend a private COM workshop.

If you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way, please contact our Team.