Cherylann Sullivan

Client Care Program (CCP) Specialist

My name is Cherylann Sullivan. I was born and raised in Quincy, MA. I have been in the healthcare industry since 1992. I am a graduate of Laboure College and hold an Associate’s degree in Radiation Therapy. My journey with helping others started at a young age. At 19 years of age, I watched my father go through a diagnosis of lung cancer. Taking him to his Radiation Treatments inspired me to enter the field. My mission was to be able help cancer patients through their difficult time. I had so much compassion and really cared for them as if they were family. I worked in the clinic setting for many years. I treated and supported patients and their families through the ordeal of cancer treatment and recovery. I went on to work at Laboure College as the clinical coordinator for students. I mentored them and oversaw their clinical experience. I encouraged and taught them how important it was to be caring and compassionate. A warm bedside manner, compassion and excellent listening skills will really help them in the field of Radiation Therapy.

My career kept growing and I switched gears and became the Lead Radiation Therapist at Angell Memorial Hospital. Here I found myself treating animals for cancer. My role now was to support the owners and families that loved their pets. It was a very rewarding job. The owners of these pets had so much gratitude. My kindness and caring really had a large impact on them in their difficult time. I worked for seven years until this job ended. My passion for caregiving was still very strong. I went on to become a Hospice Caregiver. This role has given me the chance to really be a compassionate resource for patients during the end of life, as well as, support their loved ones during this difficult time. My true mission is to be able to be caring, compassionate and give the gift of being able to listen. I am excited for the opportunity to serve and support the clients and families of Patrick J. Kelleher’s Elder Law Care Center as their Client Care Program (CCP) Specialist. I am also in the process of furthering my education to become an accredited Grief Counseling Coach so that I can further assist our clients spouses and children after the loss of their loved one.