I have a Will: Am I Protected?

One day William’s daughter read in an article that a will was not the best way to leave property to heirs. Wills often involve long and expensive court proceedings and there are other, more-efficient ways to pass on savings to family. But William was a person who knew his own mind, and he felt sure [...]

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Understanding When To Take Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration has changed the formularies for benefit payouts. Seniors and near seniors need to understand what these changes are in order to optimize their benefit. If you are sixty years of age or more you are in the forefront of a big change in social security. The full retirement age (FRA), when [...]

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Medicare and Medicaid: Unlocking the Mystery

Medicare and Medicaid have long been a mystery to many consumers. In fact, they can baffle and confuse even some of the smartest people. Like me, you might have thought, “I don’t need to worry about this right now.” However, it is never too early to gain a little understanding and awareness that just might [...]

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Is a Will sufficient to protect your assets and your family?

Roughly half of all Americans don’t have a will, so if you’ve already taken this vital step to protect your assets and successors then congratulations are in order - you’re already ahead of the curve. While a will is a necessary document that every person who owns assets should have, it is still a relatively [...]

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Why We Fail To Plan For Long-Term Care

Volume 6, Issue 5 Introduction Most Americans do not know, or refuse to accept, the facts surrounding their potential need for long-term care and the costs associated with it.  This was reconfirmed recently in a telephone survey of 1,735 Americans over the age of 40, funded by the SCAN Foundation and conducted by the [...]

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How to Fix a Trust That Isn’t Getting Better With Age

While many wines get better with age, the same cannot be said for some irrevocable trusts. Maybe you’re the beneficiary of trust created by your great grandfather over seventy years ago and that trust no longer makes sense. Or, maybe you created an irrevocable trust over twenty years ago and it no longer makes sense. [...]

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