William McGuire

Attorney at Law

William McGuire

Patrick was born and raised in Dorchester as the seventh son of Irish immigrant parents who came to this great country in the late 1950’s.

He watched his dad pass in a nursing home, after his dad pledged that he never would. This was followed by his mom’s courageous decision to go on hospice after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. These experiences shaped Patrick into what he is today, and helped further drive his mission.

Patrick uses his legal training, combined with his real-world experience to help his clients and their families in a meaningful way. He feels strongly that the planning he does for his clients will have a profound and beneficial impact on them and their loved ones for generations.

He regularly speaks in the community, hosts free educational workshops, and posts weekly videos on his YouTube page. He strongly believes in the value of education, volunteering, and sharing of knowledge. He knows that if people are armed with information, they can make better decisions for their future. His goal is to make planning for the unexpected as simple as possible.

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