Cherylann Kelleher

Elder Law Care Director

Cheryl Kelleher

As the Elder Law Care Director, it’s Cherylann who keeps the whole team organized, managed, and “with it.” But it’s not just our team that she’s there for.

Cherylann is also a caregiver.

A big part of her career at Elder Law Care is being there for our clients’ emotional well-being after the loss of a loved one. Recently receiving her certification as a Grief Coach, Cherylann is there for our clients who are in crisis.

Nothing gives Cherylann more satisfaction than being a “listening ear” for a client who is ill or going through the grieving process.

Cherylann comes to us with a background in radiation therapy, working in several cancer centers and numerous management roles. She was on the Faculty at Laboure College, as well as the Director of Radiation Oncology at Angell Animal Medical Center. Her experience working with the elderly and very sick people has transformed Cherylann into the caring and compassionate person she is today.

It makes her proud that she can bring her heart, talent, and experience and use it to help the elderly who walk through our doors.

What’s her favorite part about being with Elder Law Care?

“I love the moment I give our clients their BIG RED BOOKS! It’s the day they get all of their documents! While we still have administrative work to complete our process, the client feels immediate relief and happiness.”

As you can see, Cherylann doesn’t just love the first day she meets a new client. She cherishes the entire process, especially the final part. When she isn’t busy at the office, she enjoys staying strong and healthy through pilates and spending time outdoors.

Cheryl Kelleher | Elder Law Care Director
Cheryl Kelleher | Elder Law Care Director
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